Medical & Pharmaceutical Copywriting Services

As a Medical Linguistics Professional with 3-year Medical & Pharmaceutical copywriting experience native in Russian and Belarusian languages and fluent in English language, I offer full range of copywriting services in Medical & Pharmaceutical fields in English, Russian and Belarusian languages for pharmaceutical, medical devices and healthcare industries aiming to bring their products and/or services to both English- and Russian-speaking markets, including Russia and Belarus.

Medical & Pharmaceutical copywriting is about understanding what the client needs to say and finding a way to say it to people without medical and/or pharmaceutical background. It is about knowing the target audience, and choosing which words to use—and which to avoid.

Any Medical & Pharmaceutical copywriter must:

  • Fully understand the product, device or service being written about
  • Know the risks of the product, devices or service
  • Now the needs of consumers and/or healthcare professionals
  • Investigate claims against the product, devices or service

All these is possible only if the Medical & Pharmaceutical copywriter has medical and linguistics background as well as extensive experience in relevant copywriting fields.

Type of Copywriting Materials Produced

As a Medical & Pharmaceutical copywriter, I write the following types of promotional and information materials for drug products, medical devices and healthcare services:

  • Advertisement Materials
  • Corporate Communications
  • Education Programmes
  • Medical Professionals Educations Materials
  • Patient Educational Materials
  • Patient Support Materials
  • Sales Materials
  • Website Content
  • and more…

Medical & Pharmaceutical copywriting is a crucial step in successful marketing of a drug product, medical device and healthcare services at English- and Russian-speaking markets.