On & On™ Interpretation—On-line & On-site Medical & Pharmaceutical Interpretation

Consecutive and Simultaneous Medical & Pharmaceutical Interpretation is a task of outmost complexity and require extraordinary skills, knowledge and training—there is no opportunity to look into dictionary and to edit; there is no margin for error.

An effective Medical & Pharmaceutical interpreter must:

  • Have extensive experience with interpretation
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the Medical & Pharmaceutical subjects
  • Have expanded vocabulary of specific terminology

As a professional Medical Linguist with 5-year interpretation experience, I offer consecutive & simultaneous on-line and on-site interpretation services in English to Russian (Russian to English) and English to Belarusian (Belarusian to English) language pairs at medical conferences, meetings, symposia, inpatient and outpatient medical facilities and at patient’s homes.

On-line Interpretation (simultaneous & consecutive)

In order to ensure a high standard of care for non-English-speaking patients, healthcare providers are increasingly challenged to offer accurate, affordable, and readily available language services. On-line Interpretation offers a unique possibility of instant communication without direct presence of translator and lack of any expenses on travelling, professional interpretation equipment and/or accommodation.

All that is required is a high-speed internet connection, professional video conferencing software, state-of-the-art electronic devices, professional headphones/microphone, silent room, and, of course, experienced Medical & Pharmaceutical interpreter.

Videoconferencing on hand-held mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and Desktop & Laptop PCs is a live visual interaction that removes traditional restrictions of distance and time, often in locations previously unreachable, such as patient’s home or hospital ward.

On-line Medical & Pharmaceutical Interpretation is applicable to the following:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical conferences

Meetings and symposia

  • Inpatient and outpatient medical facilities
  • Patients’ homes

On-line Medical & Pharmaceutical Interpretation services are provided using special video conferencing platforms:

  • LifeSize® ClearSea™
  • ZipLine
  • Skype™

This type of software ensures reliable and streamlined on-line interpretation services and guarantees its outstanding quality.

On-line Medical & Pharmaceutical Interpretation is possible with almost any commercially available electronic device:

  • Desktop PC
  • Laptop PC
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet PC

Two electronic devices, internet connection and one highly experienced Medical & Pharmaceutical interpreter are the only things needed to start reliable and accurate on-line interpretation.

On-site Interpretation (simultaneous & consecutive)

As a professional Medical Linguist, I also offer On-site Medical & Pharmaceutical consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services at medical conferences, meetings, symposia, and inpatient and outpatient medical facilities.

Living in Belarus, I can easily travel to any destination place irrespective of its location and distance. Travelling to European countries normally takes not more than one day so I always arrive at a venue without any delay.

I have been successfully providing On-site Interpretation services for various organisations and companies both in Belarus and abroad for more than 5 years. Geography of my Interpretation services is not limited to Belarus only and includes the following countries:

  • Belarus
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Lithuania

At any time of the year and in any country I can guarantee highest quality On-site Medical & Pharmaceutical Interpretation services for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare organisations.