Desktop Publishing Services

Whether a pharmaceutical or medical devices company wants to adapt an existing book, marketing patient educational brochure or a single document or create a new one from scratch with original graphics and layout for Russian- or Belarusian-speaking audience, I can offer a full array of desktop publishing services, including formatting of text, layout consulting, graphic adaptation, and translation readiness check.

These types of services are provided in close cooperation with very experienced desktop publishing professionals working in any application and employing the widest possible selection of fonts and graphics, enabling to convert English language files into print-ready files in Russian or Belarusian language.

Desktop publishing services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Graphic adaptation
  • Layout design
  • Template design and/or optimisation
  • Text and/or content formatting
  • Translation readiness check

Desktop publishing services are offered either in conjunction with major linguistics or copywriting services or as standalone services.

Formatting Services

Translating from English into Russian or Belarusian language can expand volume of text by up to 40%. If not managed correctly, this has a negative impact on the appearance of documents especially those with graphics and tables. Without relevant linguistic knowledge, in-house typesetting departments cannot guarantee that text placement is correct and linguistic conventions are respected.

Knowing that text is where it should be is vital to effective communication and formatting services guarantee correct formatting of any document irrespective of its format complexity.

Graphic Proofreading

Accurate graphic proofreading is vital to advertisement success. Every time one puts text into a layout, there is the potential for errors to be introduced into carefully prepared text since Russian and Belarusian languages have specific punctuation rules.

Graphic proofreading process involves review of the laid out files after each round of revisions to ensure that no errors were introduced during the process.