Cultural Consulting & Adaptation Services

Succeeding in foreign markets takes more than excellent translation. It is vital to know how the target country will accept and react to a company brands, products, services, and websites.

Belarus is a unique country with its own customs, traditions, and national peculiarities. Quality of life questionnaires, patients marketing materials, and patients educational brochures require cultural adaptation rather than just a translation. Cultural adaptation will make any kind of medical & pharmaceutical text more understandable for a potential user and make a product or service more memorable for both physicians and their patients.

As a professional Medical Linguist living in Belarus I offer Cultural Consulting services for pharmaceutical and medical devices companies as well as healthcare providers aiming to bring their products and/or services to Belarusian market.

Cultural consulting services are provided for the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Devices Industry
  • Laboratory Equipment Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • and more…

Cultural consulting adaptation is essential for successful launching and marketing of a new drug product, medical device, laboratory equipment or healthcare service and is aimed to provide a company with a knowledge of the following:

  • Contemporary in-country language usage
  • Implication of product or service name choice
  • Implications of colour choice
  • Implication of graphics choice

For cultural research, it is essential to use highly skilled local specialists residing in the target culture who are aware of its cultural nuances and preferences. Based on thorough cultural analysis I am able to create a detailed set of recommendations regarding both wording, colour and design choice for a new drug product, medical device, laboratory equipment or healthcare service, providing a solid basis from which to make an informed marketing decision.