Is it Really Necessary to Go to Translation Agencies?

How good is a translation agency? Exactly, any translation agency is as good as linguists working with this translation agency are. How much does a translation agency charge for language services? Exactly, significantly more that an individual professional linguist, even a team of professional linguist would.

When you work directly with linguists, not with a translation agency that outsources that job to linguists, you pay only for language services. You do not pay extra money just for a brand name, for project management services, and for any extra services that are allegedly to improve final quality of translated document—you pay only for what you really need—for high quality language services.

Most clients do not realize that they might have made a saving of at least 40%, in trying to get in touch with a real competent professional linguist, and better still. In addition, the translation might have been of far better quality since some translation agencies in order to cut expenses pay lower rates to unskilled and unexperienced translators. As a result, end clients get quite a low-quality translation for a high cost.

Is there a way out of the situation? Certainly, the way out does exist.

Why to Work with Independent Medical Linguistics Professional?

Here are the reasons why to choose Medical & Pharmaceutical language services provided my independent Medical Linguistics Professional:

  • Consistent quality: quality of language services is always constant irrespective of complexity and volume of the text and project urgency
  • No hidden commissions or admin fees: you pay only for high quality translation, editing/proofreading, linguistic validation or consulting services
  • Direct and quick contact: all your email requests are answered within 5 minutes from 4 am UCT to 21 pm UCT and all your phone calls are answered immediately from 4 am UCT to 21 pm UCT
  • Transparent working relationship and translation processes: you have a direct contact with a linguist who is responsible for the final quality of language services being provided; you can always check any translation/editing/linguistic validation project status and discuss all the possible issues that might arise over the course of the project
  • Flexible approach to any particular linguistics project and end client: everything that could be negotiated is negotiable
  • Money back guarantee or free re-editing: should you are unsatisfied with the quality of language services for objective reasons, you can always claim within 14 days upon project completion date your money back or request free re-editing

If You are Still in Doubt

If you are still in doubt whether to contact for language services a translation agency or an independent Medical Linguistics Professional, please feel free to contact me at Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. or Get a Quote.

Just make your quote now and you will receive highest quality language services for a very reasonable cost compared to translation agencies.