Medical Linguistics Experience 

My Medical Linguistics experience encompasses extensive translation, editing, proofreading, interpretation, linguistic validation, and scientific writing work. As an independent professional Medical Linguist native in Russian and Belarusian languages and fluent in English language, I have been providing Medical & Pharmaceutical Linguistics services to multiply companies, organisations and translation agencies for more than 9 years:

  • 2012–present — Full-time Independent Professional Medical Linguist (translation, editing, proofreading, interpretation and linguistic validation services)
  • 2011–present — Translator at the International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO)
  • 2010–present — Translator, co-author, and peer reviewer at The Cochrane Collaboration Airways Group and Childhood Cancer Group
  • 2007–2012 — Partial-time Independent Professional Medical Linguist (translation, editing, proofreading, interpretation and linguistic validation services)

Medical Linguistics Education

My Medical Linguistics experience is strongly supported by my University Degree in Translation & Interpretation and a few extensive English language study courses. This University Degree is indicative of my linguistics knowledge and skills and a guarantee of high-quality services:

  • 2011–2013 — Yanka Kupala Grodno State University, Foreign Languages Department — Diploma in Translation and Interpretation in English to Russian (Russian to English) language pairs
  • 2007–2008 — English Language for Medical Professionals Study Course as a part of Postgraduate Study at the Grodno State Medical University
  • 2002–2003 — English Language for the Healthcare Professionals Study Course at the Grodno State Medical University
  • 1989–2000 — Grodno High School #10 with a profound study of English language

Medical Experience

It has been long established that it takes both extensive knowledge in medical & pharmaceutical fields and excellent linguistics skills to provide high-quality Medical Linguistics services.

Great experience in clnical medicine guarantees in-depth understanding of subject, and thus assures highest possible accuracy of the linguistics services irrespective of a task complexity:

  • 2007–2012 — General Practitioner at Grodno Central Outpatient Clinic
  • 2006–2007 — Intern at the Lida Regional Hospital
  • 2006–2007 — Internal diseases internship at the Lida Regional Hospital

Medical Education

Medical Degree is another advantage for providing the best quality Medical Linguistics services. Higher medical education ensures broad knowledge in medical and pharmaceutical subjects and completed understanding of any medical or pharmaceutical text or linguistic ask:

  • 2000–2006 — Grodno State Medical University

Scientific Experience

Scientific experience is of priceless value in Medical & Pharmaceutical Linguistics services. Extensive knowledge in biostatistics and research methodology, understanding of clinical trials design and excellent scientific writing skills are invaluable in both translation/interpretation and scientific writing:

  • 2007–2010 — Extramural Postgraduate Study at Physiopathology Department at the Grodno State Medical University

My Postgraduate Study has been focused on cancer research, with PhD degree having been awarded after successful defending of graduation paper in 2010.

Medical Marketing Experience

In addition to my Linguistics & Medical skills, I have got great experience in Medical & Pharmaceutical marketing working as a Marketing & Advertising Consultant in a leading Belarusian marketing agency called “Agency of the Medical Marketing”. Creation of direct-to-consumer advertising materials, education materials for medical professionals, patient information brochures, patient education materials, and marketing analysis was among my primary responsibilities:

  • 2011–2012 — Marketing & Advertising Consultant at the “Agency of the Medical Marketing” (Belarus)

Understanding of medical professionals’ and patients’ needs and good knowing of local medical and pharmaceutical markets (Belarus and Russia) helps me to create highest quality advertising materials and perform highly accurate marketing research.